A Day at the Opera

I had the pleasure of  attending the premiere of the Luisa Fernanda Opera on the Broad Stage at the Santa Monica Theatre on June 5th. This was a great evening and a wonderful production. I was given the opportunity to return to the opera and take some pictures backstage before the final performance. I have posted some selections below from that evening. The opera was directed by Dr. Janelle Destefano and conducted by Dr. James Martin. I want to thank them, and the entire cast and crew for being so generous and allowing me to take these pictures.


April 4th, 2014 marks the Official launch of  K I L L T   S P I R I T  and release of the first design – the “Sarsaparilla” cuff.

The film was Conceptualized & Directed by Karim Ghahwagi, and features appearances by Ted Haler and Kindred Lansdown, with Music & Sound Design by Cora Ripatti.



I am very fortunate to be surrounded by such talented, creative and generous artists. Together the team worked to create the film using over 10,000 stills. All the old sewing machines, pin needles and clocks were animated frame by frame to give them the illusion of life. The house in the beginning of the film was created using three different houses, and the surrounding landscape was similarly photographed and assembled from locations in Denmark and Los Angeles. All live action sequences featuring Ted Haler and Kindred Lansdown were also shot in stop motion to integrate them into the universe of the film, and they both created tremendous performances. We also shot a presentation of the Sarsaparilla Cuff using the same technique.




Our new short film Ligature Legislation is out. It was made in response to the Bloody Cuts Horror short film challenge. The film had to be made specifically for the competition between October 30th, 2013 and December 30th 2013, for a budget not exceeding 1000 dollars, and not more than 3 minutes and 5 seconds in length, including credits. The film stars Chris Frandsen, and also features Kerry Frandsen. The score was composed by Rasmus Sjøgren. Sound design and mix was created by Cora Ripatti. This project has been a wonderful experience, and I am very lucky to be supported and surrounded by such incredibly talented and kind collaborators. You can see the film below, and afterwards, if you are interested in peeking behind the rope, there are a few notes further down on the making of the film. So far the competition has received 200 entries from around the world, and I encourage you to go check them out-Happy New Year!