Trauma Doll


Feb 15th: The Trauma Doll EP is out today!!!

Cora Ripatti’s excellent Trauma Doll EP entitled VOV XXX will be released February 15th, 2011, via Negative Feedback. I heartily recommend that you grab a copy. One of the videos which I created for the live visual show can be seen here. The show which included both dance and video premiered last year in Los Angeles, and was a lot of fun to be a part of. I also worked with Karolin Moore on some additional Trauma Doll imagery, more of which can also be seen at the Trauma Doll website.

In other news, my novella Amerika is at the printers and should be released 21st  February, 2011. I am very excited about having my first book published.

I am working on a new film project with my dear friends and long time collaborators Mads and Casper from Efterklang, and that project should manifest around June 2011.

My novella The Building Inspector should be out in the late winter.

I am working on a longer writing project through to the summer, more visual work as well. That’s it! I hope you have a wonderful start to 2011!

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