Kúra Visual Show on Tour

I have made a new visual show for Kúra‘s 2012 live tour. The following dates are confirmed.

27.04.2012  Rust, København

03.05.2012  Viva lá Revolution, Aalborg

04.05. 2012  Gjethuset, Frederiksværk

11.05.2012  Drivhuset, Skive

12.05.2012  Mejlgade For Manfoldighed,  Århus

12.05. 2012  Gimle, Roskilde

17.05.2012  Ishuset, Hobro

18.05. 2012  Von Hatten, Randers

19.05.2012 Posten, Odense

24.05.2012 Train, Århus

25.05.2012 Pitstop, Kolding

26.05.2012  Maybeats, Humlebæk

TBA                 Roskilde Festival

Kúra are also featured in Politiken today, where the live show was also made public.

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