Our new short film Ligature Legislation is out. It was made in response to the Bloody Cuts Horror short film challenge. The film had to be made specifically for the competition between October 30th, 2013 and December 30th 2013, for a budget not exceeding 1000 dollars, and not more than 3 minutes and 5 seconds in length, including credits. The film stars Chris Frandsen, and also features Kerry Frandsen. The score was composed by Rasmus Sjøgren. Sound design and mix was created by Cora Ripatti. This project has been a wonderful experience, and I am very lucky to be supported and surrounded by such incredibly talented and kind collaborators. You can see the film below, and afterwards, if you are interested in peeking behind the rope, there are a few notes further down on the making of the film. So far the competition has received 200 entries from around the world, and I encourage you to go check them out-Happy New Year!


Video Works and Black Static

Principal photography for the Killt Spirit film project (Still image above) is done and features performances by Ted Haler (Strange Days) and Kindred Lansdown. This was a really great experience and I am looking forward to the November release. I have signed on to do three music videos, the first of which will start production next week. I am really excited by these three videos which will feature interconnected narratives that span from present day Los Angeles and far, far into the future, to the dark depths of space, and heavy on supernatural horror, noir detective fiction and dystopian science fiction themes.  Also, my short story Human Resources which appeared in the Des Lewis edited short story anthology The First Book of Classical Horror Stories, has received a review by Peter Tennant in Black Static!  He writes:  ‘Music is incidental to ‘Human Resources’ by Karim Ghahwagi, which appears to be channelling Thomas Ligotti’s attitudes to the world of work, with an omnipresent and mysterious company and people engaged in pointless labour, the mood of the piece powerful, dystopian and disturbing.’ I highly recommend this collection which has great stories by Colin Insole, Mark Valentine, John Howard, S.D. Tullis, D.P. Watt and many others. My novella Amerika is available in a limited hard back edition from Ex Occidente Press and you can grab it here and from the great Cold Tonnage Books here.


The music video for Charlie Campari’s single Monkey King from his debut EP ‘Moon Cricket’ is out today. Shot in stop motion in central Los Angeles and at Dead Man’s Point in Apple Valley, the video features performances by Laura Beckmann, Cora Ripatti, Ian Steffi, Soren Castellanos and Ethan Esrawi. The artworks featured in the video were created by nine year old Soren Castellanos, and additional camera assistance was provided by Valan Romero.



The poster for Charlie Campari’s forthcoming music video Monkey King. In lieu of a new distribution deal for the album, the release of the video will now coincide with its May 6th, 2013 release date.


Drone- Divide and Conquer Official Music Video

We want to thank everyone for their kind comments and support. The video has had over 250,000 views so far.

Here are some behind- the -scenes pics:

In picture 1: Ivan Hansen taking a break between takes. In all over 65,000 single photo frames were shot for the video in June and July.

Picture 2: Ivan Hansen and Rasmus Sjøgren, lead singer of Drone who flew to Copenhagen from Berlin to do his scene for the video.

Picture 3: Ivan Hansen played every character in the video, some 25 characters; a tremendous performance in that all takes were done in stop motion.

Picture 4: In LA, even cats are editors. Mikah taking a break after a tough day at work.

Kúra Visual Show on Tour

I have made a new visual show for Kúra‘s 2012 live tour. The following dates are confirmed.

27.04.2012  Rust, København

03.05.2012  Viva lá Revolution, Aalborg

04.05. 2012  Gjethuset, Frederiksværk

11.05.2012  Drivhuset, Skive

12.05.2012  Mejlgade For Manfoldighed,  Århus

12.05. 2012  Gimle, Roskilde

17.05.2012  Ishuset, Hobro

18.05. 2012  Von Hatten, Randers

19.05.2012 Posten, Odense

24.05.2012 Train, Århus

25.05.2012 Pitstop, Kolding

26.05.2012  Maybeats, Humlebæk

TBA                 Roskilde Festival

Kúra are also featured in Politiken today, where the live show was also made public.

Kúra music video


I have made a music video for Kúra’s forthcoming single: Joe, featured on their debut album Halfway to the Moon. The single and the video will be released April 11th, 2012. Shot around Copenhagen this January and February, the video features performances by Ivan Bøgh Hansen, Isabella Blicher, Lisbet Reingaard, Hasan Arsin, Clara Zapffe, Sofie Elskær and Terese Maglegaard Christensen.

16.04.2012: The video can now be seen here

Trentemøller this Halloween

Some of my visuals are featured on Trentemøller‘s current US tour. You can still catch some shows over the halloween weekend.


The Fillmore San Francisco, CA – 7:00 PM


Roseland Theater Portland, OR – 7:00 PM


Showbox at The Market Seattle, WA , US – 7:00 PM


Commodore Vancouver, BC, CANADA – 7:00 PM

Nov 25, 26

Den Grå Hal, Christiania, Refshalevej 2, 1432 Copenhagen, Denmark- 9:00 PM

Audible Approaches

The sound track for the short animated film The Figment Notebook which I made with Mads Brauer and Casper Clausen is released along with the compositions of ten other artists on double CD today. You can click here for more information. The CD also features a wonderful reading by Sara Davis of the story I wrote for the film. More information regarding screenings of the film are forthcoming.

In his review of the Figment audiobook track  Alex Yau of  Now Then magazine writes: ” Built on a beautiful trickling piano, peculiar bell chimes and train-like anticlimax, the existential narrative depicts the good luck a parish receives when they take in a child, only for it to deteriorate with her disappearance. Quite chilling.”