Egaeus Press Book of the Sea and The Last Resort

A collection of dark, strange or uncategorizable pieces for which the sea provides the great mystery; stories and poems which explore its pull on the human heart, its alienness, its treachery, its unfathomable vastness; and more than anything, what it makes us creatures – us unwelcome, gill-less land-dwellers – do, be, become.

The full contents are as follows…

I: Ligan
Others’ Tears by David Yates
Waiting by Rosalie Parker
In The Hold, It Waits by Tom Johnstone
The Figurehead of the Cailleach by Stephen J. Clark
The Sorrows of Satan’s Book by Karim Ghahwagi

II: Flotsam
The Storm Brood by Colin Fisher
By Severn’s Flood by Jane Jakeman
Breakwater Lodge by Michael R. Colangelo
Dancing Boy by Colin Insole
Below Decks by Jonathan Eeds
The Final Flight of Fidelia by Albert Power

III: Jetsam
Withernsea by Martin Jones
Sailing to Trebizond by S.A. Rennie
The Damnation of Captain M’Quhae by Charles Schneider
From Whence We Came by Jonathan Wood
Some Pages from the Journal of James Morris, Founder, Sable Island Humane Establishment, 1801 by Tim Foley

IV: Derelict
Cut Through with Skeins of Shallow Light by Joseph Dawson
The Night They Came by D.F. Lewis
The Woman from Malta by George Berguño
The Lighthouse by Richard Sheppard
The Woman Who Walked in to the Sea by Steven Pirie

Edited by Mark Beech

The book has 320 pages; is a lithographically printed, sewn hardback with coloured endpapers. It is limited to just 400 copies.

ISBN 978-0-993527883.

It can be ordered now for £35.00, inclusive of postage worldwide here and from other fine booksellers.

The triple vinyl gatefold of Anders Trentemøller’s The Last Resort is available now here

From Pokerflat recordings:

”The original vinyl-pressing only included a selection of songs from the original 13-track album release. It missed out on songs which had been released on singles or didn’t “fit” on the so called “vinyl edition”. Due to ‘public demand’ and simply because this album deserves a proper vinyl release we are happy to finally present, for the first time, the full album on vinyl. It spans over three vinyl discs and is packed in a beautiful gatefold sleeve which also holds a download-code.”

  1. A1. Take Me Into Your Skin
  2. A2. Vamp
  3. B1. Evil Dub
  4. B2. Always Something Better
  5. C1. While The Cold Winter Waiting
  6. C2. Nightwalker
  7. D1. Like Two Strangers
  8. D2. The Very Last Resort
  9. E1. Snowflake
  10. E2. Chameleon
  11. F1. Into The Trees – Serenetti Part 3
  12. F2. Moan
  13. F3. Miss You
The original collage film live visuals from the opening track, Take Me Into Your Skin, have just been released and can be seen here.