The Inhuman Ladder

The Inhuman Ladder by Karim Ghahwagi

The Inhuman Ladder is now shipping from Amazon and Barnes&Noble in paperback. Available in limited edition hardback from Zagava Books in April.

The Inhuman Ladder / Zagava Books/ 2021/ 321 pages.

Some kind words about the stories:

Children of the Crimson Sun

‘One of the best stories of possession I’ve read since the Exorcist.‘

Adam Nevill, author of The Ritual and The Reddening

‘A compelling tale of amoral purpose.’

Mark Andresen- The Pan Review

Horrill Hill

‘This story-story has a gory rictus at its hyphen. And clairvoyant viscera. Its method of stylistic power only imaginable if you read it.’

D.F. Lewis- The Gestalt Real-Time Review.

‘Will stay with the reader permanently.’

Alcebiades Diniz Miguel.

The Sorrows of Satan’s Book

‘A haunting portrayal….An excellent example of cold, sea-drenched gloom.’

Dejan Ognjanovic – Rue Morgue

‘Hallucinatory ….powerful. An oblique but ultimately impressive story.’

Mark Monday