The Inhuman Ladder

Collected for the first time and arranged into a chronological sequence which spans over six hundred years, are tales of fevered investigation into the strange and supernatural- spurred by appetites glimpsed in the cracks and fissures of history; tales of exile and estrangement, of mystery and imagination, of psychological fugues and austere spiritual ecstasies, of unraveling human nature and its transcendent aberrant manifestations, of awe and horror, of ritual and magik – from folk horror to dystopian existential terror.
Containing 6 tales, appearing here for the first time, this volume also includes a twenty-five thousand word novella entitled: An Invitation to a Conjuring, which concerns a lapsed psychiatrist’s investigation of a children’s retreat in the Austrian mountains in 1936.

The wounds of time mark our minds and bodies with cartographies of experience both real and imagined.

This book comes in 3 editions:

  • a paperback edition soon available on all Amazon sites worldwide
  • a limited edition hardcover, bound in striking blue fabric, with a die-cut window in the front cover showing a detail of the illustrated endpapers
  • a signed lettered edition bound in a canvas print of the cover painting (“Medusa” by Alice Pike Barney – 1892), housed in a slipcase, which comes with a complimentary paperback reading copy which will be sent very soon.

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