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Books, short stories, novelettes and novellas currently available from these very fine publishers.

The Inhuman Ladder- stories – from Zagava books, Germany – (Now Sold out)
Civilian, a long novella from Raphus Press, Brazil
The Secretariat of Tenebrous Anatomies, second printing re-issue, novelette and rulebook, with Bethany White. Raphus Press Brazil. (March 2023).
My story ‘The Songbird of Medina, published in Ornithologiæ, from Egaeus Press, England.
Not pictured, my story, ‘The Man of Irrational Numbers’ appearers in ‘On A Dark, Raging Sea,’ January 2023 from Exile in the Margins.

On a Dark, Raging Sea

Stories inspired by the band LOW.

Eleven fictional tributes to Duluth’s finest, embracing all that is beautiful, disquieting, brief, heart-breaking, euphoric, experimental and distorted within their vast catalogue of songs.


Edited by Martin Jones. Art and design by Rik Rawling.

With contributions from Clare Archibald, David Banning, Anthony Fielding, Karim Ghahwagi, Colin Insole, Timothy J. Jarvis, Martin Jones, Rosalie Parker, Rik Rawling, R.B. Russell and O. Jamie Walsh.

(All profits from the book will be donated to the Hebridean Whale & Dolphin Trust.)

A4 landscape format. 60 pages. Black and white illustrations throughout. 250 unnumbered copies.

This is a pre-order release- all purchased copies will ship in January 2023

As Augústias do Livro de Satã

On this midsummer eve Raphus Press in Brazil have published “As Augústias do Livro de Satã”, a Portuguese translation of my novelette “The Sorrows of Satan’s Book”. Translated by Alcebiades Diniz Miguel and Fàbio Waki. With photography by Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz and Fàbio Waki.

The story originally appeared in England in Egaeus Press’s wonderful anthology of maritime tales ‘A Book of the Sea’. The story was later collected into ‘The Inhuman Ladder’ and published by Zagava Books in Germany. Raphus Press has previously translated my story ‘Horrill Hill’ in a similarly wonderful edition. My humble gratitude to all involved.


ORNITHOLOGIÆ, Egaeus Press’s long-awaited collection of strange, dark and hallucinatory stories and poems on the theme of birds, is now available to order.

Herein, and alongside the more or less familiar, feathered avian varieties, you will find creatures of pure myth, impossibilities; birds reimagined, reconstructed; birds as symbols and metaphors for all that is both irreconcilably fascinating and alien to humanity.

The book comprises a total of 27 stories and poems, including, amongst other gems, a previously unpublished story by the late and greatly missed Ron Weighell.

The full table of contents is as follows:

Oystercatcher – Martin Ruf

Aberration & Essence – Charles Wilkinson

Ravenbaby – Die Booth

Chattering Pies – Henry Everett

The Spirit Plate – Sara Rich

Being A True Account of The Death & Burial of Poor Cock Robin – William Curnow

My Love Will Shine from Depths Unknown – John Llewellyn Probert

The Sin-Eaters – Suzanne J. Willis

Pretty Bird – Florence Sunnen

Chanticleer & The Peacock – Rose Biggin

Huitzilopochtli – Lorraine Schein

Oileán na nÉan – Albert Power

The Jingwei Bird Filling Up The Eastern Sea – Ngo Binh Anh Khoa

The Hunger – Romy Wenzel

Leather Cormorant – Richard Gavin

Doctor Cuckoo – Douglas Thompson

The Dread Machinery – Martin Jones

The Owl is Called Mother – Rebecca Lloyd

My Avian Daughter Devours Meteors – Alicia Hilton

The Embassy at Fontainebleau – Damian Murphy

Eyes Like Small Black Stones – David Surface

Soul Catcher – Ron Jon

The Songbird of Medina – Karim Ghahwagi

Flight – David Yates

Calling – Ruhul Amin

Spirits of the Dead – Ron Weighell

Edited by Mark Beech

A lithographically printed hardback with colour endpapers, limited to 460 copies.

For more information or to order see:


Available from Zagava books

Karim Ghahwagi CODEX OF LIGHT
Mark Samuels POSTERITY
Reggie Oliver THE WET WOMAN
Rosalie Parker HOME COMFORTS

The Inhuman Ladder

Spring 2021 from Zagava Books in limited and lettered hardback editions.

Available in paperback 21/02/2021 from Amazon

Collected for the first time and arranged into a chronological sequence which spans over six hundred years, are tales of fevered investigation into the strange and supernatural- spurred by appetites glimpsed in the cracks and fissures of history; tales of exile and estrangement, of mystery and imagination, of psychological fugues and austere spiritual ecstasies, of unraveling human nature and its transcendent aberrant manifestations, of awe and horror, of ritual and magik – from folk horror to dystopian existential terror.

This book comes in 3 editions:

  • a paperback edition.
  • a limited edition hardcover, bound in striking blue fabric, with a die-cut window in the front cover showing a detail of the illustrated endpapers
  • a signed lettered edition bound in a canvas print of the cover painting (“Medusa” by Alice Pike Barney – 1892), housed in a slipcase, which comes with a complimentary paperback reading copy which will be sent very soon.

Books can be preordered directly from Zagava here

Codex of Light

Available for pre-order from Zagava Books

‘By the precepts passed down by the village Elders, the story was never to be consecrated in the absence of candlelight. Upon the advent of its telling, the wicks of candles were therefore always kindled by bedsides at night, along the windowsills in classrooms, and upon the mantelpieces of every home. A single beeswax candle always burned in the heart of the Great Hall. Tall as a man and thick as a tree-trunk, the candle was rooted in an ornamented brass candelabra, its yellowed beeswax surface richly carved in commemoration of the story it embodied. For generations the flame had never darkened, and the Elders had sustained its light from month to month, from season to season, always marking each transition to a new candle with solemn ceremony.’

Hand-sewn booklet, printed on handmade cotton rag pages with deckled edges. 10x30cm.

Horrill Hill

My story Horrill Hill has been made available for free download by Mount Abraxas Press. Originally appearing in Wound of Wounds, An Ovation to Emil Cioran, the anthology is edited by Damian Murphy and Dan Ghetu. Featuring stories by Douglas Thompsen, Justin Isis, Alcebiades Diniz Miguel, Rhys Hughes, Thomas Strømsholt, Damian Murphy, Jonathan Wood, Adam Golanski, Stephen Friedman, Andrew Condus, John Padget, Colin Insole, Adam S Cantwell, Charles Schneider, and with an introduction by Eugene Thacker.