ORNITHOLOGIÆ, Egaeus Press’s long-awaited collection of strange, dark and hallucinatory stories and poems on the theme of birds, is now available to order.

Herein, and alongside the more or less familiar, feathered avian varieties, you will find creatures of pure myth, impossibilities; birds reimagined, reconstructed; birds as symbols and metaphors for all that is both irreconcilably fascinating and alien to humanity.

The book comprises a total of 27 stories and poems, including, amongst other gems, a previously unpublished story by the late and greatly missed Ron Weighell.

The full table of contents is as follows:

Oystercatcher – Martin Ruf

Aberration & Essence – Charles Wilkinson

Ravenbaby – Die Booth

Chattering Pies – Henry Everett

The Spirit Plate – Sara Rich

Being A True Account of The Death & Burial of Poor Cock Robin – William Curnow

My Love Will Shine from Depths Unknown – John Llewellyn Probert

The Sin-Eaters – Suzanne J. Willis

Pretty Bird – Florence Sunnen

Chanticleer & The Peacock – Rose Biggin

Huitzilopochtli – Lorraine Schein

Oileán na nÉan – Albert Power

The Jingwei Bird Filling Up The Eastern Sea – Ngo Binh Anh Khoa

The Hunger – Romy Wenzel

Leather Cormorant – Richard Gavin

Doctor Cuckoo – Douglas Thompson

The Dread Machinery – Martin Jones

The Owl is Called Mother – Rebecca Lloyd

My Avian Daughter Devours Meteors – Alicia Hilton

The Embassy at Fontainebleau – Damian Murphy

Eyes Like Small Black Stones – David Surface

Soul Catcher – Ron Jon

The Songbird of Medina – Karim Ghahwagi

Flight – David Yates

Calling – Ruhul Amin

Spirits of the Dead – Ron Weighell

Edited by Mark Beech

A lithographically printed hardback with colour endpapers, limited to 460 copies.

For more information or to order see: http://www.egaeuspress.com/Ornithologiae.html