Autumn 2022 From Raphus Press

Civilian by Karim Ghahwagi // Raphus Press// Autumn 2022

Set a few years in the future, the Behavioral Science department of the FBI are on the threshold of fully implementing a new technology which enables access to the memories and sensations of the human mind.

For almost a decade Simon Wakefield and his team of federal agents have developed and utilized the technology in their most challenging cases. Now they are confronted with their most perplexing case. A renowned child psychotherapist has kidnapped three of her own child trauma patients and hidden them away in an undisclosed location without food and water. She will only reveal their locations on live national television. A few hours before she is to make her grand exposé, she tries to commit suicide in her cell. Dying and unconscious, she has never revealed the secret locations of the three children.

Aberrant pathologies and new technologies collide in this short novel of science fiction and horror.

Limited to 100 hardback copies.

Copies can be preordered at Raphus Press

And via Ziesings in the United States